e-Chamber Pocket Nebulizer 
The e-chamber pocket Nebulizer is a handheld mesh portable nebulizer, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Inclusive of adult and child masks, mouthpiece, charger and travel case

Portable lightweight design
Comes with 2 masks, mouthpiece, charger and travel case.
Quiet in operation 
Detachable parts for easy cleaning 
Built in rechargebale battery with micro USB charging port
MMAD of 2.5µm - 4.5µm
Nebuliser rate of 0.3ml/min - 0.7ml/min
3 month warranty on the removeable head and 12 month warranty on the body
RRP $99.00
Phillips InnoSpire GO


Fast, effective and easy to use, the Philips InnoSpire Go portable mesh nebulizer is designed to shorten asthma treatment time by 25%, so your medication can be delivered in as little as four minutes. Virtually silent, InnoSpire Go is small, portable, discreet and can be used anywhere.

RRP $350.00