The Wesley Hospital

Wesley Medical Centre
Level 2, Suite 26
40 Chasely Street
Auchenflower Q 4066
Ph: (07) 3607 5190
Fax: (07) 3607 5196

RSHQ spirometry provider number: 90005585

Available Tests

Full Lung Function

Flow Volume Loops - before and after bronchodilator

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test


Bronchial Provocation:

     Mannitol Challenge

    Hypertonic Saline Challenge

     Histamine Challenge

Allergen Skin Prick Test

Hypoxic Altitude Simulation Test

Respiratory Muscle Strength (MIPS/MEPS SNIP & postural spirometry)

Six Minute Walk Test (single trial without O2)

Six Minute Walk Test (dual trial without and with O2 for MASS evaluation)

Overnight Oximetry

FeNO - Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide

Just 4kms from the Brisbane CBD. There is onsite parking and easy access to Auchenflower train station