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 Stationary (In Home) Oxygen Concentrators
The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator is the unique solution for patients seeking more from their oxygen concentrator. The EverFlo is one of the quietest, smallest, lightest and most compact stationary oxygen concentrators available in Australia, and following innovations in design, it requires less maintenance and uses less power than ever before. Features include a metal cannula connecter and humidifier tubing storage, recessed flow meter, interface panel with on/off switch and alarm indicators, and visual and audible indicator alarms (including oxygen percentage).


     Brochure: EverFlo Brochure 

     Brochure: EverFlo Alerts and Alarms Guide

     User manual: EverFlo

     User manual: Trouble shooting Guide

Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Inogen G5.JPG
Inogen One G5
Type of flow: Pulsed only


     Brochure: Inogen One G5


Simply Go 
Type of flow: Pulsed and Continuous flow



     Brochure: SimplyGo Brochure Int Eng

     Brochure: SimplyGo Quick Start Guide Int Eng

     User manual: SimplyGo

Oxygen Concentrators and Air Travel

Please see a list of authorized medical devices permitted on QANTAS aircraft. Click Here


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